I make art in many forms,
most often using the vocabulary of jewelry.

After trying for a year to create a new website I realized there are real reasons, not excuses, why I am having such difficulty determining a format; it’s the beauty and curse of the liminal state. As a grad student working on my MFA, I am in transition, on the threshold, neither coming nor going.

Having nothing to proclaim, which is a website’s usual function, makes the work of designing irrelevant.

I therefore declare my website on sabbatical. She is taking time to research, and recreate. Revelations will be posted as they occur. Art will be documented and shared. We will be back with a full agenda in a year. You are invited to stay in touch.

While the website is on a break, I however, am still working! Information for metalsmithing/ jewelry making classes held in my Decatur studio is current and available via the menu tabs above.

I accept commissions as I can,
and teach jewelry making classes in my studio.