next class sessies:
Spring - April 13 through May 20, 6 weeks, $286

next workshop:
Wax Carving April 18
$150 includes all tools and materials, 10am- 4pm
This one day workshop focuses on carving wax to create a pendant, earrings, or charm. Using files, chisels, gravers, and knives we will carve a three dimensional shape using a natural object for inspiration; for example a leaf, or shell.
Bring a photo, drawing, or object to work from.
Waxes can be cast in silver and then rubber molded for reproduction. This work is done off site by professional casters. You are the creative genius designing and hand carving the original model.

Summer Classes
  Concentrate on special techniques in each 4 week session
Project info will be posted prior to each new class

June 6/8 - 7/1 Etching, $195 plus $60 Lab fee
Explore many approaches to etching using different resists, mordants, and methods

July 7/6- 7/29 Patinas, $195 plus $60 Lab fee
4 formulas, Japanese / Western, form forming, tabs and rivets

August 8/10-9/2  Conforming Dies, $195 plus $60 Lab fee
Carve custom dies for hydraulic press. Produce multiples with variations for exciting design possibilities.

September Special - Making and Using Screws
$75 includes all tools and materials
One three hour class the week of September 14- regular class schedule
Making custom screws with a tap and die, and use these and manufactured screws in stone settings, and to combine heat sensitive materials.

Fall 1 - September 21 through October 28, 6 weeks, $286
no class Thanksgiving week

Fall 2 - November 2 through December 16, 6 weeks, $286

I offer the same class 4 times a week.

Night: Monday or Tuesday 6:30-9:30pm
Day:Wednesday morning 10:00am- 1:00pm
  or Wednesday afternoon 1:30pm- 4:30pm

Registration for Spring opens March 23
Ongoing students are allowed to sign up first.

Email me with your preferred class time
and I will add you to the list
Thank you

Class Schedule 2015
Open studio is $15 per hour, or can be used to make up a missed class.
See OS Policy details below

Saturdays 10am -1pm

April 25
May 16
June 20
July 18
August 22
Program Info:
Classes are held in my Decatur studio.
There is a maximum of 6 students per class.
50% nonrefundable deposit required to register, with the remainder due at the first class.

The studio is well equipped for all small metals / jewelry making processes.
Basic hand tools are available for the class to share. However, students are encouraged to acquire and use their own hand tools including sawframe /blades, snips, pliers, files, and flex shaft accessories.
here is list of Basic Tools
Supplementary hand tools are available as needed.
Students supply their own solder.
A selection of flex shaft accessories and other consumables is available for purchase.

Students are allowed one make up class per session. You can make up a missed class during open studio, or at another class time if the space is available.

Open Studio Policy:
Open studio can be used to make up classes missed within 3 class series- the previous, current, and next. Students with no made-up absences during that period will be given priority when reserving spots in open studio.
If your schedule requires you to consistently leave class early or arrive late, please discuss this with me; I can offer make-up time if arranged in advance. Random tardiness cannot be accumulated, or made up in open studio without prior arrangement.

Students new to metals make a silver ring with a bezel set stone. The materials and tools are provide for a $25 lab fee.

Judy Parady
Jewelry Making Classes  2015
   To Register

Please email to register.
You can pay online by check or credit card.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot.
Classes are small, and often fill quickly.
Act now to avoid sadness.
Open Studio
A comprehensive jewelry making program in Decatur,  GA

Spring Projects

April 13 through May 20, 6 weeks, $286

Locket with a hinge
Using the hydraulic press, make a hollow form with a handy flange on which to solder a hinge. Lockets are tiny boxes with a nice clasp. Make one for Mother's Day.

Matrix Die Exploration with the hydraulic press
Make your own matrix dies to produce hollow form shapes for beads, or other jewelry elements.
Create one, or several silhouette shapes, to find a design you want to produce multiple times.
Refine your designs in preparation for this summer’s classes where you will produce etched metal suitable for using with your die.
Locket with hinge and clasp- the die formed pieces are perfect for adding a hinge to a curved shaped. Learn hinge making for the first time, or expand your hinge making skills with an advanced design.

Ongoing students will work to finish or refine existing projects before we begin the summer concentration classes.
With many boxes underway from the previous session we will explore more ways to secure the lid with tabs and flanges.
Using the hydraulic press we will extend the box concept to make lockets with hinges.
New students can join the box creating with several related projects including lockets, poison rings, other wearable boxes. Depending on what you want to learn, and your box design you might include hinges, and various clasps.

copper or brass sheet, 20 - 26 gauge, to use with your die for creating hollow forms with the hydraulic press

16 brass sheet is used to make the matrix die, bring your own, or purchase at the class.

2015 Workshops
please email for details or to register

April 18
Wax Carving for lost wax casting
$150 includes all tools and materials, 10am- 4pm
Sculpt a leaf or shell, learn how to create mirror pairs. Waxes may be cast in silver off-site.

May 2, and 3
Silver Puff Pendant
$245 includes tools and materials, Sat/ Sun 12:30-4:30pm
Incorporate lots of fun techniques in one project: piercing, embossing die forming, keum boo, rivets, soldered bail. Create a hollow form pendant with a pierced front revealing gold interior.

June 27
Solder Fundamentals
$165 includes all tools and materials, 10am- 4pm
Eliminate the stress of soldering by learning basic techniques for typical jewelry situations.

June 28
Solder Expert
$165 includes all tools and materials, 10am- 4pm
Learn to navigate special circumstances, set up for complex projects, build confidence

July 25 and 26
Basket Setting Pendant
$225 includes tools and materials, Sat/ Sun 12:30- 4:30 pm
Build the setting, set the stone. This 4 prong basket setting project teaches precise soldering.