Fall Classes 2017


Fall Classes 2017

Lockets including: etching, hinges, die forming, clasps


This fall offers a unique opportunity to truly explore etching over an extended period of time. With electro-etching set up and available at each class time you will be able to experiment with designs and techniques to develop your own aesthetic and etch a quantity of metal that you can process into finished pieces now and in the future.

Etchant is on hand for brass, copper, nickel, and silver. You can etch 16 ga brass or nickel to create roller plates, or etch designs directly onto jewelry metal.

I have three popular resists: adhesive backed vinyl, PnP transfer paper, and oil based paint pens.  Each has benefits and limitations. Source your design inspiration from black and white jpg files, or printed art then decide which material is best. Paint pens can be used to create hand drawn patterns and textures directly onto the metal, or combined with the other methods.

Etching is an optional experience, and requires a $20 lab fee for which you can make patterns and etch metal equivalent to one 6 x 11 vinyl sheet, and 2 PnP sheets.  (this will make more sense once you see the set up in class.)


Simultaneous to working with etching methods we will investigate the design and fabrication of lockets. Lockets can be regarded as tiny, wearable boxes incorporating etched and patterned metal, gemstones, and mementos. Elements of a locket can include hinges and clasps or fasteners. I will be showing simple die forming as one method of making a small box form.

As always you are free to pursue the concepts demonstrated in class along with your own projects.

fees and schedule

Class is offered on Monday or Wednesday nights, and Wednesday afternoon.  The remainder of the year is divided into two blocks of time. Fall 1 is 6 weeks beginning the week of September 11 through the week of October 16. $294 if paid in cash, check, or Venmo transfer. $305 if paid by credit card.

Nov – Dec is 5 weeks beginning the week of November 6, ending the week of December 18 with several weeks off due to my GSU schedule. $245 if paid in cash, check, or Venmo transfer. $255 if paid by credit card.

See the Calendar tab for details.

Judy Parady