Fall 2018 Jewelry Class Topics


Finishing/ Polishing

By definition, finishing is the last thing we do to a piece of jewelry, but it is the first thing someone notices. “A mediocre design can be vastly improved by good finishing, and a great design can be overshadowed by poor finishing.” JP

Over the summer we experimented with wax model making and now have a pile of silver castings. It’s the perfect opportunity to focus on finishing / polishing techniques. It’s an important element in jewelry making and one that often gets short shrift in my classes. In Fall 1 classes I will demo a range of flex shaft accessories, how to use the “big” polishing machine (buffs and compounds), hand filing and sanding, liver of sulfur, satin finishes, burnishing, fire scale remediation . . . you get the picture.

I will have samples of all the flex shaft items for you to use in class, and an inventory of items to purchase. It’s a good time to try out a selection of my favorite finishing devices before you buy.

Hammer Set Bezels

I like big bezels, and I cannot lie.
I roller my own bezel material from round wire to make strips thicker than manufactured bezel strip. One way to set this heavier material is with a setting tool and chasing hammer. In this class I will demo making custom bezel strip, ways to set stones using the thicker metal, including with a setting tool made from a steel flooring nail. You will have an opportunity to make a tool for yourself while learning how to anneal, shape, polish, and temper steel. These tools are incredibly useful for many types of setting tasks. You will be glad you have one.

Fabrication/ Efficiency Tips

This time of year, many of us gear up production in anticipation of holiday sales and gift giving. Wouldn’t you like to maximize your efforts, or streamline your work habits? I am not the fastest bench worker but make good use of my time in the studio by being efficient, and with clever production design. Throughout the class I will share this info including smart soldering habits, proper work flow, and efficient design concepts.


Fall 1 = September/ October 7 weeks

starting week of September 10 through week of October 22, 2018

$343 + $7 materials fee

Choice of three class times – Monday or Wednesday night 6-9, Wednesday day noon-3

All classes cover the same topics

contact me to enroll judy@judyparady.com

Judy Parady