Fall 2019 Projects

Fall classes at Judy Parady Jewelry Fun Center start the week after Labor Day (September 9 and 11, 2019). I’ll be posting more photos as I develop the curriculum but wanted to start the conversation by showing you this type cone setting.  Its a crown setting made from a fabricated cone. This ring features an aquamarine cab set with prongs carved from a cone of silver. In addition to making and manipulating cones in this way, we will be using a forming block to make cones from tubing. The cones can be used for settings, finishing multi-strand beads, or to terminate your loop-in-loop woven chains.

Also on the agenda will be keum boo. I watched Charles Lewton –Brain’s video from Ganoksin.  (Be sure to have Ganoksin in your library of internet resources https://www.ganoksin.com/ .) Among many other details I learned how simple it is to roll out our own 24k gold foil. I have been frustrated by the thin foils available from refiners, and am psyched to work with something more substantial.

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